Mitsubishi’s latest GX-F series is the premier product in our 2-Dimensional fiber laser processing line up.

Mitsubishi Electric is a world leader in industrial electronic controls and components and part of their mission is to provide the best products and services with unsurpassed quality.


Intuitive operation with multi-touch panel
Easily swipe to the required screen. Graphics can be easily scaled.
Customizable icons
Users can freely customize the icons on the screen. Delete unnecessary information and include only the necessary information.
Easily move the processing head with screen operations
Simply touch the destination on the screen and press the movement start switch to move the processing head to the specified position.
Mitsubishi Fiber Laser

Zoom Processing HEAD

Mitsubishi’s “Zoom” processing head manufactured in-house, utilizes Mitsubishi Electric’s proprietary optical technology and provides optimal control of the beam according to the material and plate thickness.
This provides reliable processing for all thicknesses and supports stable production at the processing site. Also, the range of selectable processing conditions has been expanded, making it unnecessary to exchange the processing lens according to the plate thickness and material, shortening the setup time.

Mitsubishi Fiber Laser Oscillator

Mitsubishi’s in-house fiber laser oscillator achieves both high reliability and high productivity and is backed by a 5-year manufacturers warranty.

Advanced control of many separate laser modules greatly improves the longevity of the system and  minimizes any risk of failure.

AI Assistance

The processing state is determined from the sounds and light during processing with AI, using our AI technology “Maisart®”. In pursuit of a “non-stop processing system”, with the world’s first e-laser processing system built-in and functionality that automatically adjusts the laser
processing conditions with AI.

Mitsubishi Fiber Laser


Can be equipped with up to 21 nozzles*. Nozzles that are determined to be defective by the nozzle monitor are automatically replaced with new ones to support continuous processing for a long period of time. The ideal nozzle for processing can be selected from various types of nozzles, with more options than have conventionally been available.


  • Mitsubishi’s state of the art D-Cubes controller
  • Mitsubishi AGR eco (advanced gas reduction head Zoom Autofocus Cutting Head
  • No lens cleaning required
  • No cartridge changes
  • Reduced Nozzle centering
  • The Industry’s best magnetic breakaway Fiber head
  • Manipulate the Beam Mode to cut thin and thick material automatically
  • One Button Press Automatic Safety Door and Side Access
  • Two high pressure assist gas ports
  • Work Lifter
  • All in one head design
  • HPP Pierce technology
  • Barcode reader
  • Autofocus Focal Range from 3.75 – 10 inches
  • Mitsubishi Electric’s all-new D-Cubes series control features a 19-inch touchscreen and many updated features to increase cutting speeds and productivity
  • The standard 19″ touch screen provides Smartphone like intuitive operation
    Now has keyboard and mouse for added control
  • New Dashboard function and Remote diagnosis functionality’s are available
    Processing speed up to 100m per min (up from 50)
  • Customizable Home Page and Status bar using Shortcut Icons. This means fewer button presses to perform the same process.
  • On Button Safety Door operation
  • Expanded cutting condition library with more condition lines and piercing options. There are now 20 conditions lines.
  • Easy condition and program search
  • Updated production Schedule for standalone machines
  • Edit up to two programs at once.
  • Expanded Maintenance and Help Screens
  • Improved process time on small geometry intensive parts due to better acceleration and deceleration.
  • The Advanced Dross Reduction Control increases cutting speed in tight geometry’s and holes
  • New 5 color light tower. Shows operational status and part-time remaining.
    Windows 8e
  • The number of usable programs is now 1000. (was 400)
  • Double the Ram over the 700
  • The machine now has two 3.0 MPA high-pressure gas ports
  • New Height Sensing capability has significantly increased cutting speed in lighter gauge materials
  • Pierce detection is standard, which allows for the machine to change material thicknesses without sacrificing cut quality and process time
  • Secure single action door –opening and closing and operator favorite

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