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The eX series provides faster movement, more powerful piercing and an eco mode that reduces costs while the machine is running.The eX series is designed to meet the needs of the most demanding shops. Built on a heavy-duty, single platform, the eX incorporates crucial improvements over the previous LVPlus II model.

Short Description: The most advanced laser cutters in the world. Based on the 5th generation three-axial Cross-Flow resonators, they ensure maximum output when working with materials whose dimensions are equal to 2,060 x 4,050 mm and thickness is equal to 0.5 to 28 mm.

Short Description: The faster processing speed and optimized control system of the eX PLUS series reduces thin-plate processing time by approximately 42%. The cutting-edge piercing technology allows for about a 48% reduction in processing time of mid-thick and thick mild steel plates. (in-house comparison)

Short Description: The latest beam control achieves a 40% speed gain in mid-thick plate cutting and allows the SR laser to cut a wide range of material thicknesses.Delivers an up to 80% improvement in the surface-finish quality of stainless steel (t10mm).Setup time is reduced by up to 70%, improving the efficiency of operation.

Short Description: High-speed height control, latest trajectory control, and piercing technology delivers the hybrid's maximum performance on thin to thick plates. Results in da drastic reduction in processing times.